Welcome to Advanced Modeling Techniques at Mason School of Business, College of William & Mary!

This course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to develop advanced business models by designing and programming decision support systems. The objectives are to introduce students to basic concepts and skills in computer programming, and to advance student knowledge in business modeling techniques via hands-on coding projects. In this course, we will focus primarily on Excel VBA.
  • We will use the Windows version of Excel and VBA. You are highly encouraged to obtain a Windows computer for the semester. If you only have access to a Mac, please install Boot Camp so you can run Windows programs. You can also use VDI to access Windows Excel. Please see IT Help Desk for technical assistance.
  • VBA For Modelers (4th Edition or later) is an optional textbook for the course. You can also borrow the digital copy of this textbook through our library. Please see Blackboard for detailed instructions.
  • Powerpoint slides, coding files, additional readings or video materials will be assigned and posted by the course instructor on the external course website.
  • Swem Library has many excellent reference books on VBA that you can access for free.
  • The William & Mary Blackboard site for this course will be used for the syllabus, assignment submissions, course announcements, and grading purposes.
  • If you are already proficient in Excel VBA and would like to learn a new language, please feel free to discuss Javascript programming with Google Sheets as an alternative option with the instructor.
Note: Copyright of these course materials belongs to the course instructor. Posting or sharing course materials online or otherwise publicly without the instructor’s permission may constitute copyright violation and will be reported to the Honors Council.

This course is designed based on Dr. David Murray's version of the same course.